Leroy-Somer has developed new technologies for machine cooling, high speed, electromagnetic compatibility, reduction of noise and vibration, surface treatments, mechanical resistance of materials, coating and insulation of windings, all of which constitute an unrivalled panoply of solutions.

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Line Card

Three-phase induction motors controlled by an electronic drive 0.18 to 132 kW

Failsafe brake operating when supply off (a braking force is applied when de-energized) on LS non IE, IE3 asynchronous three phase IMfinity® motors range.

Single-phase TEFV induction motors with permanent capacitor 0.06 to 1.5 kW

LSRPM - Dyneo® LSRPM Permanent magnet synchronous motor DYNEO

DC motors 2 to 750 kW

Continuous duty servo motor 1.4 to 136 Nm (408 Nm peak) 075 to 250 Frames

High-efficiency IE2 and Premium efficiency IE3 three-phase induction motors with aluminum frame