For over 40 years, Elektrim® Motors has designed and manufactured a full line of European engineered AC NEMA and Metric IEC electric motors up to 6300 HP, their enthusiasm for electric motors and commitment to exacting standards mean that Elektrim motors are some of the finest, longest lasting and best performing in the industry.

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Premium Efficient Motors - 1- 250 HP

Elektrim Performance 20N Series Premium Efficient motors are the premier, top-of-the-line European designed and manufactured electric motor in the marketplace and are built to withstand the most-extreme applications.

Ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications that require a premium efficient foot mounted electric motor, such as fans & blowers, pumps, conveyors, crushers, compressors, mixers and more.

Stainless Steel Washdown Motors – 1/3-30 HP

Continuous duty 56C and TC Frame stainless steel motors designed to meet the severe sanitation requirements of food-grade and high pressure washdown motor applications in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, processing and packaging industries.  Elektrim Stainless Steel motors are ideal for Mixers, Pumps, Canning Equipment, Conveyors, Batch Processing Equipment, Packaging Equipment and so much more!

Severe Duty Motors – 1-250 HP

Elektrim Severe Duty motors provide built-for-life reliability and premium efficiency in the harsh hard-wearing applications found in petrochemical plants, refineries, tropical climates, mines, foundries, pulp and paper mills, waste management facilities, quarries and processing factories.

Elektrim Severe Duty motors guarantee rugged mechanical strength and optimum performance in the worst conditions.

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NEMA / Above NEMA Medium Voltage – 150-2500 HP

Ideal for applications requiring a NEMA high efficiency, reliability and low cost of ownership such as waste water treatment plants, cement  and chemical plants, refineries and more.

56C Frame Rolled Steel – 1/3-3 HP

Elektrim 56C Frame motors are an energy-saving, continuous duty TEFC commercial rolled steel 56C frame motor designed for the user who requires good quality performance for home and/or light industries.

Available with and without thermal protection & manual reset, c-face footed or c-face footless mounting and in Single Phase (1PH) or Three Phase.

Premium Efficient Brake Motors – 1-30 HP

Built big and tough, Elektrim Premium Efficient Brake motors have Outstanding durability and performance ideal for hoists, cranes, conveyors, machine tools, speed reducers and other industrial applications where a quick stop and positive holding torque are necessary.

JM/JP Close Coupled Pump Motor – 1-60 HP

Elektrim JM and JP close coupled pump TEFC electric motors are designed for continuous duty fluid circulation and transfer applications ranging from treatment plants to swimming pools.

Elektrim JM and JP electric motors are also equipped with oversized double-shielded bearings on both ends, vacuum pressure impregnation, IP55 protection and a 3-year warranty.

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