ABB has integrated the Baldor Electric Company name into its global ABB brand. As ABB, the organization will continue to manufacture, design and market the product brands of Baldor-Reliance® motors and Dodge® mechanical power transmission products from 15 U.S. manufacturing locations. The organization will continue to support ABB’s entire U.S. motors and generators business unit, including ABB branded IEC motors, large AC motors, generators and related services from the motors, generators.
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Three Phase Open Motor
*Suitable for mounting in any position
*Includes thermostat on interpole
*Class F insulation system resistant to dirt, carbon, dust and moisture.
General Severe Duty Motors
*Totally enclosed cast iron construction
Permanent Magnet Motor
*Cast iron frame
*Rotor magnetization by permanent magnets
*IP55 as standard
Crusher Duty Motor
Totally enclosed fan cooled cast iron construction minimizes vibration and bearing temperature for longer life
Chassis Drive
*Adjustable accel, decel, current limit.Current limit indicating LED.
DC Right Angle Gearmotor
Come permanently lubricated for life with synthetic grease or oil lubrication depending on gearhead design.
Nema 1 Drive
A compact control packaged in an all metal NEMA-1 enclosure.
AC Brushless Servo C-Series Motor
More torque in smaller package than previous designs.
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Three Phase Open Motor

*Suitable for mounting in any position